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An Art Line for Margate
Diverse Artist Strand: The Artists

The Art Behind the Mask

Oliver stepped back from his usual arts discipline as a producer, rapper and songwriter to facilitate and direct a short documentary. This film showcases outstanding talent from local visual and performing artists, exploring the work they have created during lockdown.


Oliver Seager

With over 17 years experience in music facilitation, Oliver has worked with a vast array of people and delivered many  community projects that have had a direct impact on individuals and groups within the Kent /London area.


Music and song writing can be used as a vehicle to develop confidence, explore imagination, explore one’s identity and life choices and ultimately aid in realising  dreams and aspirations.


Song writing is a doorway to help people reflect and find solutions to everyday challenges and it is fun which is beneficial to health and the mental wellbeing for all involved. Oliver fully understands the impact that music has in uniting people. With first-hand experience, he has seen directly how music and song composition builds communities and forms strong relationships between people.


“From a grass roots perspective, music participation improves the wellbeing of its participants. This positivity in turn has an impact on us all and our wider community."

The Power of MusicOliver Seager

Mimi O'Halloran

Mimi has a unique sound with a vintage charm that channels her influences of jazz and soul. Her distinctive melodies and clear lyrical content keep the listener mesmerised.