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Art, Society, Nature Takeover—Gabriel Silver Parker

Our fifth Photographic Residency takeover is by Gabriel Silver Parker

Gabriel Silver Parker has more recently taken his fashion based approach and techniques and applied it to his works that now often see him turning the camera onto himself and his surroundings to explore narratives closer to home, finding the beauty in everyday circumstances and objects.

"I have been taking lots of iPhone photos around Margate and giving the streets a good (digital) clean whilst going about my business.

The darkrooms at The Margate School here are fit for purpose and easy to use. The digital photographic studio is functional and affordable. My desk setup is currently non existent as my computer is in for repair I alternate between a Mamiya 7 and a Canon 5D III depending on what I’m shooting. More recently though, as the work I’ve made during my time spent on the residency will show, I’ve been using my iPhone 11 wherever possible."

"Anyone with a smartphone in their pocket should have Photoshop Mix installed on it as well as Photoshop Express. I actually made one of my pieces for this show using only my iPhone and Photoshop Mix for both the shooting and post production processes.

I’m also a huge advocate for what they’re doing over at Working Class Creative Database and urge any working class creatives to go give them a follow and get involved."

"Margate is full of inspirational places. I love the atmosphere on Northdown road, you never know what you’re going to find, Quench Gallery being one of my most welcomed recent discoveries. Hold tight everyone at Cats in Crisis on Northdown road also, you guys make me smile every time I stop by. I’ve recently started doing some volunteer work over at The Garden Gate Project and have found the space and everyone there very uplifting. Not forgetting The Margate School and everyone there of course."

Gabriel and the rest of the Art, Society, Nature Photographic Residents will be showing all the work they've been creating in a group exhibition from June 11—18

To see more of Gabriel's work head to his Instagram @gabrielsilverparker

To find out more about the facilities the Photographic Residents have been using follow the link here



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