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Design, Society, Nature Student Rep Announced

Claire-Beth has been nominated as the student rep for the Visual Communication course: Design, Society, Nature. We are excited to be working with her as the representative voice for her course, and look forward to hearing what the students wants and needs are!

Hi I’m Claire-Beth. I describe myself as an introverted show-off which is a confusing paradox at the best of times. I wish to work as Designer/Creative Consultant for alternative-medicine /health and mental-health services.

  • 2000 BA Hons Fine Art from Goldsmiths.

  • 2000 Ran away with the rave-circus, putting on events/making music and art with locals on the way.

Biggest and best travels were:

👉🏼 NW Africa World Traveller Adventures documented by ARTE.

👉🏼 Two years on the road from Montreal (Canada) to RiodeJaneiro (Brazil).

Costume/set maker, film-maker, DJ, performance artist, mum.

👉🏼 Living / being a nanny with Bassline Circus.

  • 2011 Seamstress/children’s entertainer Badaboom Costume Party Emporium, putting on dress-up parties in London and selling costumes at the Old Spitalfields Market

  • 2019 Move to Margate