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Dr Dan Scott Introduces Sound Arts: Sound Society Nature

Dr Dan Scott, course coordinator, artist and musician based in Margate introduces us to Sound Arts: Sound Society Nature.

Sound Arts is a one-year, part-time postgraduate course in the heart of Margate. The course aims to explore sound and music through engaging with Margate’s natural environment, architecture, and diverse communities.

Students will be exposed to a wide variety of practices relating to creating, perceiving, and critically considering sound, listening and music.

A unifying focus to this work will be the locale: Margate’s natural environment, architecture, and music/sound communities will form the basis for learning. Project work will be aimed at researching and contributing to the local sound and music scene.

Watch and learn more about the course in his video below.

Applications are currently open to the new academic year starting this October, 2022. Deadline To Apply is 29th August, 2022.



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