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Edward Knight Life Drawings Exhibition

Edward Knight: Born 1968

In 1994 I left Canterbury College of Art with a BA in Fine Art. As with most Art Colleges at that time in England, drawing was not considered to be important enough to be an integral part of the weekly teachings, but, it did open my mind to abstract painting and for that I am eternally grateful.

I continued to have an interest in art and have recently again revived its practice. For a few years I have been attending a weekly life drawing session in Canterbury and also regularly sketching people on the high street. I see drawing as a core skill of a visual artist, it trains the mind and arm/hand muscles to respond sympathetically to observed reality. I use life drawing as a vehicle to greater: accuracy, mark making, flow, tone, balance and calligraphy.

The discipline of graphic representation is similar to the practice of music - playing of keys or plucking of strings - and through the mastery of this instrument of art I can create original art and not just reproduction or style.

My future  intent is to continue drawing and to resume my past interest in abstract painting with the two disciplines running side by side. Drawing has historically been thought of as a precursor to painting and sculpture but I have come to realise that a simple sketch of our objective reality can stand alone and contain all the elements of a modern abstraction or conception.

The Margate School, Margate's Art School


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