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Eirinn Hayhow at The Margate School

Eirinn Hayhow will be transforming The Margate School's main space into a biolab between 26-30th July (full details here), filled with scents from foraged perfumes and healing herbs that will be infused into her biomaterial. She will also be working on her natural dyes, inks and pigments from plants and barks foraged locally, in the early stage prep for her Fall collection that will showcase during London Fashion Week on the 15th September between 2:00 and 4:00pm.

Eirinn Hayhow's latest collection - Noise and Flowers

Eirinn Hayhow uses foraged plants, barks, and herbs to create magical healing potions that have become natural dyes, inks, and pigments. Reusing the waste plant matter, and incorporating specific healing plants to help the wearer with anxiety, She creates her own plant leathers and biomaterials to reawaken the natural spirit within us, as we dance the magic dance of life.

Eirinn's work combines notions of science, philosophy, and spirituality as she reconnects people to the earth. She creates magical gender-fluid garments, using well-being magic, wild foraging, and bio-design to create unique garments. With each collection, she builds a new world, one that evokes all senses to show the viewer the power of our natural world. She creates her own dyes and plant inks from foraging herbs, plants, and berries and uses fruit and vegetable waste. She grows her own bio leather and bioplastics using herbs, fruit, vegetables, waste coffee granules, and crystals.

We are all made up of the same atoms and energetic particles. Everything on this earth is made up of the same energy. Our hearts have more neuro mass than even our brains, picking up signals and magnetic waves from a greater distance than our brains. We have the ability to tune into plants' and trees' consciousness. Tuning into our hearts can help us communicate with plants as they communicate at the same energetic level. remember you are magic.

Eirinn Hayhow's latest collection - Noise and Flowers

Through her work, Eirinn Hayhow continues to research innovative ways to produce materials from natural resources, and she was the first designer to create couture pieces from her grown vegan leather from waste coffee granules. A pioneer in sustainable fashion, she continues to push the boundaries of innovative material production, using specific healing properties in an attempt to heal the wearer from anxiety, depression, and other nervous disorders.

Eirinn Hayhow recently launched her latest collection NOISE AND FLOWERS SS23. This collection explores the power of play within nature and the power of plant magic.

Entangled within a web of technology, an idea plagiarised from the connective mycelium roots of our wood-wide web. Our internal realms desperately seek reconnection with the natural world and the hallucinatory, kaleidoscopic energy that it can awaken within us.

Eirinn is supported by London Fashion Week, The British Fashion Council and recognised by Vogue and the Guardian. She is also a lecturer in sustainable fashion.

For more information about her show or her new collection, come and chat with her directly at TMS (31-33 High Street, Margate, CT9 1DX), or contact directly through Instagram.