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Our first European Fine Art MA cohort will be graduating this summer, alongside a final exhibition of their work in July which will showcase the accumulation of their two year journey. In the run up to this exciting moment for us all, we will be introducing each of our graduating students, letting you in on their creative practice and the thoughts behind their work.

First up is Lo Lo No (f.k.a Alex Noble) is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice centres around self portraiture as a phenomenological enquiry. Employing photography, film, sculpture and auto ethnography they create works that channel: wounds as portals, avatars as transgressions on gender, tights as cognitive digestive tumours, anachronistic archetypal energies of mystic philosophy and hyperbolic culture as subversive and uncanny image projections of amplification and fragmentation. In an ongoing discussion around the gender binary, queer and trans identity and the silenced gendered feminine, through contemporary and psycho-spiritual frameworks; their work is archive and evidence of transgressions and transformations as lived experience and research methodology.

Lo Lo’s final works constellate a subjectivity of self sacrifice and transcendence via the polarities of castration and decapitation as paradoxical avatars of oppression and autonomy amidst ritual and ceremony. With an anachronistic lexicon of symbolism and materialism, they create psycho-geographical sites as liminal spaces as they frame themselves as a ‘human heterotopia in the world of the looking’.

To see more of their work head to their website

The final exhibition “Thinging the Thing” will take place between 2—25 July at The Margate School.


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