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Love Happens Art Factory Group Residency

Group residency opportunity for artist held at École Supérieure D'Art Et Design, Le Havre-Rouen and The B.O.A.T. in Le Havre, 22-28 May 2017

Love can happen anywhere and we are organising the Love Happens Art Factory (LHAF) in Le Havre, the ‘harbour of love’, celebrating its quincentenary. At the Quai Renaud will be moored the B.O.A.T., a mobile art school made from a converted fishing trawler. ‘Love’ objects, posters, poems, photographs, songs etc, whatever you can imagine to be, will be made at the campus of ESADHaR (École Supérieure d’Art et Design Le Havre-Rouen) and the B.O.A.T., which is about a 15 min walk away from the campus. We will work with artist  Stéphane Trois Carrés and students from ESADHaR and will have the opportunity to explore Le Havre looking for ‘signs of love’, have our communal breakfasts and dinner on the B.O.A.T., whilst discussing the role of love and passion in art and education and many other topics. The B.O.A.T. will become temporarily the Love Happens Art Factory making and exhibition site, allowing us to change its appearance using ideas from bunting to projection. There is a large art store nearby to purchase materials but we can bring some of our own materials depending space to transport. Indeed we can use found objects of course. The accommodation will be at the ESADHaR campus and there will be the opportunity to stay on the B.O.A.T. itself for a couple of nights for one or two people on a rotation basis. On board, we will be sharing the bunkbeds together with ESADHaR students. There may even be a chance that the B.O.A.T. will sail for a day, but because of logistical and funding issue this needs to be confirmed, the residency does not depend on it. Graphic Designer Yann Owen has confirmed that we can use his print workshop at ESADHaR with technical assistance on one of the days!

How to apply

Please write a personal statement of approximately 150 words explaining how you think the group residency will support your own art practice, together with a short CV. Specify the materials you would use, materials you would like to bring and what equipment you ideally might require. Tell us in one sentence what you as a person would bring to the residency. Please email the details to Uwe Derksen ( The residency is open to practising artists and students of the age of 21 and above, and who are ideally based in Kent. We are looking for pro-active independent artists who can contribute positively to a group residency, which the nature of this project requires. Applicants must hold a valid passport and if required, a valid visa to enter France. Any special requirements need to be communicated to and discussed with Uwe Derksen before applying. Applicants participate at their own risk and are expected to behave in the most professional manner, especially in the confinements of the B.O.A.T.


Monday 22 May: Departure and travel to Le Havre. Expected arrival sometime in the afternoon. Introduction to the residency and dinner on B.O.A.T.  Tuesday 23 May: Welcome to ESADHaR campus, a tour of campus. ‘Psycho-geographic walk’ in Le Havre in context of the town’s quincentenary and LHAF. Everyone will be issued with a Polaroid camera and film. Visit B.O.A.T. - discussion about mobile art school in the evening.  Wednesday 24 May: Developing ideas and concepts for artwork at ESADHaR campus and  B.O.A.T. Thursday 25 May: Continue making.  Friday 26 May: Complete making and commence preparation for an exhibition on B.O.A.T. Saturday 27 May: Exhibition on B.O.A.T. (part of the Le Havre quincentenary celebrations).  Sunday 28 May: Take exhibition down and return to Margate. 

Cost £550 covers:

  • Return travel Margate - Le Havre

  • Travel Insurance

  • Shared basic accommodation at ESADHaR/B.O.A.T. with basic cooking facility. We need to bring sleeping bags.

  • Workspace at ESADHaR

  • Exhibition on B.O.A.T.

Full payment upon confirmation of approved application, which will be by 12 May 2017.  Participants once accepted on the group residency will need to contribute to some of the logistical arrangements.

For further info: or download


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