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Save The Margate School

The Margate School sends its very best wishes to everyone in the community for the New Year.

Unfortunately, we have started 2023 with bad news. Despite our best efforts, we have found ourselves in a position where we have needed to make the decision to trigger the process of suspending the School, commencing immediately.

Students, staff and studio holders have been informed, but we also wanted to let you know as soon as possible. Our courses are suspended with immediate effect and if we cannot raise the necessary funds this month, then we will not be able to restart the courses and will begin the process of winding down all our other provisions over the coming months.

Over the period that we have been in the wonderful Woolworths building in Margate High Street, we have welcomed over 16,000 visitors each year, funded and supported 44 students (our current roster is 25), created 42 affordable studios and a gallery space that has hosted 124 exhibitions and events. This gives just a glimpse into the amazing facilities that we have to offer everyone.

We are heartbroken that we have reached this point and are speaking with funders, partners and the Council to find an urgent solution.

You are probably wondering what we need and how can you help? So, here goes…

We are gathering evidence of support for the School to share with funders and we would love for you to tell us how important the School is to you, and what it would mean to you if TMS could continue.

Please fill out this form, to tell us what The Margate School has meant to you. It also asks if you have support that you could offer us.

We are looking for a minimum of £50,000 to stabilise, continue our provision and to make future plans. If you know any individuals or organisations who can help, please ask them to get in contact using the form.

We want to recognise the time, talents and hard work of all our brilliant staff, tutors, students, studio holders and supporters so far. With the right financial support now we’re confident we can continue to grow our impact and secure the future of The Margate School for this community.

We are on the brink, we can be saved, but time is running out. Please use this form to get in touch now.



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