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Save The Margate School Crowdfunder

We have now launched a Crowdfunder to Save The Margate School.

Following last week's news that The Margate School is under threat of closure after several recent funding bids failed to come to fruition, we have launched a Crowdfunder to save The Margate School.

Since the announcement, we have been overwhelmed by the many messages of support from our community and beyond. At the time of writing this, we have received over 200 personal comments and offers of help. Below is a selection of these quotes, and you can read more here.

Many of you have asked how you can contribute financially, so we have launched the Crowdfunder to help us manage donations. We are calling on you to help us with this. You can directly help, by spreading our message far and wide and encouraging all donations, no matter the amount offered..

We also want to be transparent about why we need the funding and what it will be used for, so we have compiled a Q&A to answer your questions and provide more detail, as we have been asked lots of questions already and we hope that these will help you in answering them.

It has become abundantly clear that The Margate School is an important part of the local community and that you are behind us in our campaign to save the School and our community.

Again, we thank you for the support.

We will share more updates with you as we have further news.

Please click here to give in our Crowdfunder



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