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Say Something / Something to be Said exhibition curated by Rebecca Strickson at The Margate School

This curated exhibition in the window of The Margate School features the work of contemporary female, self-defining and non-binary folx exploring their praxis using the juxtaposition of protest signifiers and traditional ‘crafts'.

Curated by Rebecca Strickson, this group show aims to highlight the art of several female, self defining and non binary artists who take traditional textile arts as a starting point in their work to explore the voice of protest.

Banner makers, embroiderers and textile artists have existed for time immemorial, creating work often considered secondary in the cannon of fine art as being 'applied art' or 'feminine crafts.' This show brings together several artists currently using traditional techniques as a jumping off point to explore protest, and what that means in this current tumultuous world.

Featured artists: Tara Collette, Taylor Silk, Robyn Nichol, Rosanna McNamara, Jess Warby, and Rebecca Strickson.

The exhibition will run from the 5th - 8th March from The Margate School's window space facing Margate's High Street (directions)

Due to Covid, the POW! team have reimagined our 2021 festival as online events and window displays, so that we can still bring creativity, joy and inspiration to Thanet at this time when everyone needs it most. Explore the full line up of events here to discover what you can enjoy from the safety of your own home.



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