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Student profile - Claire-Beth Gibson

Introducing Claire-Beth Gibson from the Visual Communication programme: Design, Society, Nature.

Claire-Beth Gibson aka ‘Tea and Scribbles’ is an artist, designer, and adventurer.

Fascinated by human connection and normalizing mental health issues, she goes on to describe herself as an introverted show-off, being fully aware of the ridiculous paradox inthat description.

She has spent most of her adult life running away from her fine art background, gaining a lot of weird and wonderful experiences from an eclectic mix of vocations. From circus nanny &

costume maker, cleaner & performance artist, to mum & HGV driver. These experiences were gained whilst living on the road and have gifted her with a fearlessness for experimentation. Claire-Beth has since hung up her nomadic boots and now lives a quieter life in Margate, exploring new avenues of creativity.

Claire-Beth’s practice is experimental and full of questions, approaching her work with as many tools, techniques and feelings as she can throw at it. This has led her to explore the representation of the abstract, creating immersive worlds that work through dynamic and delicate mindsets. Amongst this, there is a grounding realization that it is actually okay to be here, to be immersed in these feelings, and to feel them with others.

Current projects include designing with Hedonic Herbs - a Medical Herbalist on a mission to educate and empower people about the importance of herbs and taking control of your own health. Designing and creating a what’s on guide with fellow TMS students called In The Know, helping to connect the local community and facilitate well-being; as well as continuing to volunteer with an awesome local mental health service; and being an evolving member of The Margate School community.

You will find Claire-Beth at @claire_beth_claire and @tea_and_scribbles on Instagram. Email is and she also promises the about-to-leave-art-school cliché of a website coming soon… she’s just trying to decide on the name. It will quite possibly be

Poster designed by Emma Self

See Claire-Beth and her fellow students’ work at their upcoming exhibition: ‘8 Journeys’

Opening: July 16th, 4pm—late

Exhibition Runs: July 17th—22nd, 10–4pm

Learn more about our Visual Communication programme and see where it can take you.


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