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There are more Galleries than Off Licences in Margate

Graduate of the Visual Communication Design course at The Margate School, Max Boxer is launching his first solo exhibition "Off Licence" at Ramsay & Williams, displaying large scale painted representations of iconic off licence products inside one of Margate's galleries.

Sour Pops | A piece featured in Max Boxer's solo exhibition, Off Licence
Sour Pops | A piece featured in Max Boxer's solo exhibition, Off Licence

Through leveraging digital repetition and 3-dimensional doodles, Max is amplifying the viewer‘s consumption of these everyday objects to feel the sense of overstimulation he experiences.

Max Boxer striking a match on his oversized Ship pack of matches at Off Licence

With the use of bold branding, distinctive shapes and colouring, he is drawing the shared commonality that the design of sweets have with tobacco and alcohol products. He considers how nostalgia, familiarity and the sense of satisfaction that these products promise (from buying sweets with pocket money as a child, to buying cigarettes and alcohol as an adult) has affected his own decisions and addictions.

As a kid I walked in for packet of sweets… now I walk out with a packet of baccy

Max Boxer's Private View of his Exhibition "Off Licence"

Max came to the Visual Communication Design course without a background in art or design. The Margate School helped nurture his skills to unlock ideas he had been unable to develop previously.

The connections and opportunities that have come from the course have propelled both my career in artwork reproduction and my own artistic endeavours. As an alumni I still have access to all the amazing facilities the school has to offer and most importantly, the surrounding community. I highly recommend the course to anyone who is looking to develop their creative skills in a nurturing and warm environment.

Max's solo exhibition "Off Licence" will run until 17th December at Ramsay & Williams, located at 6 Market Street, Margate, CT9 1EU.



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