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What have the Art, Society, Nature students been up to their first month back?

Our Fine Art MA students have been busy making and creating this past month since starting back in October.

Our new cohort of 1st year students have been busy in their Maker + Object module with Matthew Darbyshire, identifying the conceptual intersection of ‘Me, you, it’, preparing them with the thinking tools to make good art. Dr Lucy Lyons has introduced the students to their written module, which will inform and help guide their thesis. Dr Kristin Fredricksson has been teaching them History & Philosophy of Art: Approaches and Provocations alongside teaching French to students in both years.

Our 2nd years have been busy after coming back from a long summer, getting stuck in with David Price on Making a Stand: Protest and Survive, looking into the roles art has historically and presently played in all forms of protest. The 2nd years have been developing their thesis’ with Ania Dabrowska & Katarina Dimitrijevic, in addition, Katarina has been teaching History & Philosophy of Art to the 2nd years.

Art, Society, Nature aims to provide an alternative approach to higher education, encouraging students to think about their practice outside of themselves, by exploring how art can be used to benefit, protect and sustain the world around us.

Applications for the European Fine Art MA: Art, Society, Nature will be opening on Nov 29.