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Large Studio

Sue Pitman


I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to start painting again at this later stage of my life.
My work in advertising for the last fifty years as a photographic stylist threw me into an ever changing world of colour.

Every season new colours would emerge as the latest must-haves for fashion or interiors and they were important to be considered in the work we produced.

But I have to admit my favourite colour palette has always been black, white and every shade of blue especially cloudy blue/grey.

I'm using my work experiences and memories of locations and set designs to inspire my paintings and the sea and skies around me as an influence.

Working in the centre of Margate has been great fun already. The other artists I've met here have been generous with their advice and encouragement and now that I have a studio within TMS it's wonderful to be in the midst of a vibrant creative community.

It's great to be able to continue my creative life into my 70s and I love every minute of it!

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