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Screen Printing Workshop at The Margate School

Students learning how to screen print
Screen Printing Workshop with Becky Thomas at The Margate School

A fantastic group of 5 participants joined for a half day Introduction to Screen Printing workshop, held in The Margate School's makerspace on Saturday. All but one had no experience of screen printing, so Becky started out with a little history of the craft, and an explanation of the different methods of printing, materials needed and print substrates.

The group worked in pairs to choose their two colour designs from pre-prepared stencils, all either inspired by British shells or autumnal leaves. Then they coated their screens with photosensitive emulsion and exposed stencils onto the screens using the exposure unit.

After lunch the students started printing while Becky supported them. Each student came away with the best of their A3 prints. They were also given advice on how to make their own stencils and possibilities for exposing using sunlight and DIY light boxes. Now that they have completed the workshop they’re also able to use the facilities without supervision, providing they are a TMS Fellow, student or studio holder.

What the participants learned: a history of screen printing, different screen print methods, screens, mesh counts, how to make stencils, how to expose a screen, printing and registering a 2 colour print, cleaning screens, further reading.

Upcoming screen printing workshops: Becky Thomas will be running another workshop at The Margate School on Saturday 27 January 2024. Find out more and book your place HERE



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