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The Artech Residency

Tuesday was the last day of the Artech residency as the artists-in-residence took down their group exhibition and come to the end of their 2-month long residency. Thank you to Balint Bolygo, Benny Bowls, and Dr. Edward Kelly for the time they have spent with us, exploring the building, creating work, and sharing their skills with us at Artech Festival.

The Artech Show showcased the resident's findings from the projects they explored whilst enquiring into the dynamic relationships between Art, Technology, Society, Nature.


'Event Horizon’ is described as the point of no return on the edge of a Black Hole past this point everything disappears and is sucked into the vacuum of space time. Back on our tiny planet we are also experiencing our very own man made ‘event horizon’ - its effects are dislocating, unfamiliar, and uncertain.

MEM by Benny Bowls

A multi media installation.

Dr Edward Kelly—CHIMERAS

Chimeras was a multi-channel sound installation that responds to the movement of visitors by playing back, and hybridising sonic elements recorded in the building where The Margate School is based.

In this piece, hybrid and recorded sounds are projected on four speaker systems in response to sensors, which picked up the movement of people in the installation.

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